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They will sometimes hunt by making a series of leaps across the grassland. This gives it a wider view of the immediate area and also has the effect of startling and flushing out the small rodents. As they scurry away in alarm, the serval strikes with ligtening speed and military accuracy.
Diet Consists of far smaller items- mainly small rodents such as grass rats and mole rats. It has developed a unique technique to capture mole rats. Locating a tunnel entrance in the grass, it digs into it, then sits silently by, one paw raised. As soon as the mole rat emerges, the serval hooks it with it's claws, flings it to the ground, then pounces on it before it has a chance to scamper off.

Like the caracal, the serval will leap into the air to swipe at low-flying birds, it's long legs enable it to leap 10 feet off the ground. It has also been seen hooking fish out of streams. Reptiles, frogs, lizards, and invertebrates make up any shortfall in the diet.
They Tend to wander farther afield then most cats in pursuit of prey, covering up to two and a half miles each night.





Gazelle/Antelope young


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