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Often discribed as a feline version of a giraffe. A true cat of the grasslands and it shares much of it's range with more robustly built caracal. Has the longest legs and neck proportionatly of any cat. The legs are not an adaption for greater speed, but they enable the serval to see over the tops of the long grasses of the African savanna.

They have very large oval and erect ears- especially good hearing because the ears work as 'antennae' to pick up the slightest rustle of small animals in the grass. The backs are black with a striking white or yellowish patch.

Varies from pale fawn to a reddish gold. Four black lines extend from behind neck to shoulders. Back and chest covered in black spots that merge into lines or bars down the sides. Lower area of legs covered in small spots. Underside is paler than the predominant coat color.

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