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Here are some ideas that you can do to help save the environment

nylon stockings. Don't throw your old torn nylons away. If you are a gardener you can use them to tie up vines, roses and such. Invent new Ideas to use them.

rubber bands. They sure add up fast if you get the newspaper. Check with your newspaper delivery person and see if they can reuse those rubber bands. Most are biodegradable and dont last long.

plastic containers When you buy items like a hair brush or things packaged in hard plastic, don't you hate all that waist? Reuse them. Maybe as a collection place in a drawer for those rubber bands or paper clips.

plastic milk jugs If you are a gardener you can first clean the jug and then cut the bottom off. Now you have your own hot house perfect for early plants in the spring. Leave the cap off the top and place over the seedling. Not only will it keep the plant safe from frost and wind, bugs have a hard time getting to your new plants.
or instead of buying a drink container you can clean the jug real well and make cool-aid, tang, cold chocolate milk, or ? If you keep it clean it can be reused at least 3 to 4 times!

plastic jars When you have used up all that penute butter save the plastic jar and clean it well. Put nails, bolts, nuts, screws, or washers in them and store it. Great for the work shop or garden. Never use glass jars, they may break and cause injuries.

un-matched sock Ok where did the other sock go? Did the dryer eat them again? We are always missing socks. So what do you do with the one sock? Do you have achs and pain? Make your own hot pad. Just fill one plain ordinary sock ( no plastic or rubber) with dry, unused rice (brown rice is ok too) sew up the end of the sock with string only. Place this rice filled sock into another un matched sock. sew that one up too. Now you place in your micro wave oven. Depending on the power of the over. Micro wave the rice sock for around 3 minutes. Your heating pad is ready. It usually lasts about an hour. Becareful when you re heat. You dont want to burn your rice. These rice socks will give off a damp heat.

holy socks and how about them? Use them as automotive rags. If you need to stain the deck use 2 socks inside each other. works great. Use them to help suport young trees. wrap sock around tree trunk, tie a rope to each end of sock and down to a suport stake.

drip systems for the yard Not only does this hide those ugly sprinklers and hoses it saves water, saves electricity, saves time. Check your local garden store for information on puting in a system to water your yard. Useing a drip system allows you to relax and not haveing to move the sprinkler all the time. Less water is used because of little evaporation, this makes less time you need to water, and less electricity used in doing so.. So set back and take time to watch your yard grow.

mulch Place garden weed plastic around plants and put a thick layer of bark chips, wood chips, rocks or your choice, on the plastic. If you wish to save some money, check around with some landscaping companies in you area and see if they would give you their wood chips. Some will deliver it for free. It is not as nice looking as bark chips but it still does the job. Helps control those awful weeds and keeps the soil moist.

Do you have any Cool Ideas I can add to this list? Please E-mail them.

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