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Recycle, Save the enviroment

There are many places you can take your recycables too. Check your phone book. Many cities have drop off stations or collection agencies.
Recycle these Items=

unborken glass containers clear glass is the best. brown in not worth anything.

clean dry newspapers and newspaper inserts

empty metal cans, caps, lids, bands and foil

plastic stamped #1 or #2

plastic bags marked #2 or #4

mixed paper: junk mail, magazines, photocopies, computer printouts, cereal/shoe boxes, etc. Corrugated cardboard, phone books

scrap aluminum such as lawn chairs, window frames and pots

motor oil (never dump it) call your local garbage company or quicklube. or call 1-800-MOTOROIL
automaoive batteries, seale lead/gel-cell batteries. take to an automotive or security dealer for recycling or trade in.
rechargeable batteries= 1-800-8BATTERY.
nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries contain toxens, please rycycle them.

laser/ink printer cartridges recycle or refill

house hold toxics (paint, oil, solvents, pesticides, cleaners) Call your garbage company for advice. Do Not Dump

computers, eye glasses, household goods Donate to charity.

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How to help save our environment
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