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Panthera Leoleo - N. Africa
Extinct in the wild, 1920's

They were used by the ancient Roman Empire as amusment in bloody games of death.

Location= Once roaming from Tripoli through Algeria, and Morocco.
Size= Was the largest of all lions. It's great mane, which was more extensive than any other sub species, virtually coverd half the body. Males Weighing around 500 pounds and measure up to 10 feet from nose to tail.
Habitat= Woodlands
Lifestyle= Solitary, not like the African and Asian lions in their prides.
Prey= Barbary stag and gazelle

Gestation= 110 days
Litter size= 1 - 6
Weight at birth= 3.5 ounces
Eyes open= 6 days
Longivity in captivity= 20 years, but 15 being average

[ Introduction ] [ Hunt ] [ King ] [ Lioness ]
[ Yawn/Mouth ] [ Lifecycle ] [ Cubs ] [ Barbary Lion ]
[ Soon - Asiatic Lions ]