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Wild Cats
A wonderful site full of information!! Worth the visit

Tigers of the World by Doyle
Personal homepage of Doyles on Tigers, cats and much more.

Tiger Information Center
dedicated to providing information to help preserve the remaining five subspecies of tigers.

Tiger Hiss
A site for both kids and adults with pictures, information, sounds and more about cats and their relitives

Small Wild Cat Conservation Projects
Ecological study of virtually unknown small cats found in Chile and Argentina in South America

Simba's Pride
A collection of pictures, sounds and more about Big Cats

Peter's Feline Stuff
Great link site.

Mike and Sara's Home Page
Homepage on big cats/ lynx

Mary Ann's Big Cat Page
Dedicaterd to the Florida Panther

Marlo's Picture Emporium
Great cat pictures

* Mainely Felids *
Is dedicated to promoting responsibility in private captive husbandry of wild felines. (*one excellent site to visit*)

Lioncrusher's Domain
...a tribute to earth's vanishing species

King of Beasts
This page is a resource guide for those who like lions, or those looking for more information on the subject of lions

Kimi's Page of Endangered Animals
homepage on endangered animals

Khari's Wild Cats
Site 2 of Land of the Big Cats

Guide to Wild Cats Web Sites

Great Cats of the World

Georges Jungle

Florida Panther Site

Set in Australia. Stories and poems and more about domestic cats


Frédéric Avertin's Home Page

Cheetah Spot

Chakal's Lair

Cats! wild to mild

California Mountain Lion page

The Collective Cat

Cat's Cat Keys
Great site full of many wonderful links!!

Casa Del Gato


Big Cats On Line

Great site for Scottish wildcats
If you want to learn more about them go to this site.

Very large collection on animal pictures

Asiatic Lion Information Center

Andie's Website


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