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Wildlife on Easy Street
non profit big cat sanctuary located in Tampa, FL and is home to over 148 exotic cats representing 18 species. It's residents number over 200 rare and endangered animals. You can help and have fun by coming out for two hour tour, a photo safari, overnight cabin stay, corporate or private party. Help save the big cats through memberships, adoptions and tax deductible donations

Wild Ones Sanctuary
A non-profit corporation founded by Shirley Malar, received its official Certificate of Incorporation on August 4, 1997 Under the USDA license of Wildlife Images, Shirley has been rescuing captive-born wild cats for the past ten years

Wildlink International Wildlife Rescue
International Wildlife Conservation and the rescue and relocation of exotic animals with a science and education basis. WildLink International is non-profit making organisation, working worldwide and with our HQ in the UK

Wild About Cats
Wild About Cats is dedicated to providing responsible homes for captive-bred wild felines, and promoting preservation of habitat for their wild-born cousins; with a strong emphasis on the philosophy that education is the key that will produce results for both

Turpentine creek Wildlife Refuge
We rescue abandoned, abused or unwanted Big Cats, with emphasis on tigers, lions, leopards and cougars providing them with a permanent home and caring environment

Touch the Jungle Margay Sanctuary

a volunteer group that is just in the middle of creating the world's first Margay Sanctuary in Ecuador. The purposes of the sanctuary are many...

Tiger Rescue
financed by public donations, is a non-profit sanctuary for retired animal actors. Our mission is the care and feeding of nearly 90 big cats, including tigers, leopards, and lions

Save the Manatee Club
"Save the Manatee" and "Adopt-A-Manatee" are registered trademarks of Save the Manatee Club, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the state of Florida. All rights reserved!

SHEA park Safe Haven for Endangered Animals

The Raptor Center
international medical facility for birds of prey. Our mission is to preserve biological diversity among raptors and other avian species through medical treatment, scientific investigation, education, and management of wild populations

PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Cougar Valley Farms, Inc,.
Cougar Valley Farms, Inc. is one of  only a few  federally licensed rescue facilities for large carnivores in the  United States.   Our facility is dedicated to providing a healthy, loving home to threatened, endangered and displaced big cats and other carnivores for the duration of their lives.  We are a no-kill facility that allows these magnificent animals the opportunity to live out their lives in the manner that they deserve.

Cougar Hill Sanctuary Association


Cat House

Cat Haven

Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.,
Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (AWRC) is located in Okeechobee, Fl. We are a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 licensed facility. We are dedicated to bringing people and wildlife together to develop community awareness of the value of our wildlife. Our ultimate goal is to rehabilitate and return recovered wildlife to their natural habitat. AWRC is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

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