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The Jaguarundi is the most unusual looking of all cats; it's long, low slung body, short legs, and very long tail give it an appearance reminiscent of a marten. It's uniform-colored coat is a reddish brown, gray or almost black. Somewhat flattened head, a relatively long neck and a long slender body.

According to Native Americans, Jaguarundis were tamed by natives before the spanish invaded South America. They were used as some domestic cats are used today- to control rodent populations.

Seems at home in fairly open spaces, but it is now found mainly in brushy theckets, particularly of cacti or other spiny plants. Often active by day, this is another cat that takes to water and is somtimes found near streams.

Gestation= 72 - 75 days
Litter size= usually 2 occasionally 3
Take solid food= 6 weeks