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They spend much of their lives in trees, climbing down only at twilight to hunt. The rest of the time is taken up with resting and sleeping in the tree tops, where they break up branches to build nests and lie with their tails extended straight out behind them and their front legs out stretched. Blending so well with their environment they are seldom seen in the wild. Largely nocturnal and prefers dence vegetation.

They are excellent tree climbers and are able to move from branch to branch with mighty leeps. Heavily built with short powerful legs and large padded paws that enable it to run along the branches of trees to catch it's prey. Very long tail helps it with balance. Although they move around with great agility in the trees, their very short legs can make them a little clumsy on the ground.

Prey= Cattle, goats, porcupines, monkey, squirrel, bird, deer. They may capture prey in the trees, swinging down and swating it's prey with broad paws or seizing it with their teeth.