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Clouded Leopard
Other name= Mint Leopard
Neofelis nebulosa
(nee-oh-FEE-liss neb-yu-LOW-sa)
N.n. brachyurus (Taiwan)
N.n. diardi (Borneo, Malay, Peninsular)
N.n. macrosceloides (Nepal, Burma)
N.n. nebulosa (S. China, Indochina)

Weight= 40-66 pounds
Length= 36-42 inches
Tail= 30-36 inches
Status= Endangered. Hunted for it's fur and also for the teeth and bones as an oriental medicine. Also of habitat loss.
Habitat= dense forest and scrub
Behavior= hunts by night or day, from trees, dropping silently down onto its prey. Completely at home in the trees. Shy and largly nocturnal.
Diet= medium-sized game. pigs, deer, goat, reptiles, birds and monkeys.
Location= Asia.
litter= 2-3 cubs

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