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Acinonyx jubatus
Other names= Hunting Leopard, Kings Cat, Spotted One
A.j. fearsoni (E. Africa)
A.j. hecki (N. Africa)
A.j. jubatus (Southern Africa)
A.j. soemmeringii (Nigeria to Somalia)
A.j. venaticus (S.W. Asia)= Almost extinct from human population, hunting, habitat loss, and inbreeding.

Weight= 65-110 pounds
Length= 48-60 inches
Tail= 20-30 inches
Status= Endangered
History= The most primitive of all cats, evolving some 18 million years ago.
Habitat= open grassland and nearby forests
Behavior= hunts by day, from the ground.
Diet= gazelle, warthog, antelope and other grazing animals.

Location= Africa, Middle East, south-central Asia.

Breeding- Non-seasonal
Gestation- 90 - 95 Days
Litter Size- 1 - 8, average 3
Weight at birth- 6 - 11 oz
Cubs Leave Lair- 6 wks
Weaned- 3 mos
Independence- 12 - 20 mos
Sexual Maturity- 20 - 23 mos
Longevity in wild- up to 12 years