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Sub Families of the Pseudaelurus

The Tribe Felini

This Tribe includes:

genera Panthera
with these species. P. Gombaszoegensis, P. Schaubi, P. onca (Jaguar), P. Leo (lion), P. Tigris (tiger), P. Pardus (leopard), P. Unica (snowleopard), P. Felis (feline), P. Acinonyx (cheetah), and P. Miracinonyx.

species P. Gombaszoegensis ( P. Toscana)
European Jaguar.

species P. Schaubi
About the size of a small leopard or large lynx. But too short faced to be a leopard May not even belong in this group.

species P. Onca the Jaguar. From earliest Pleistocene deposits. Seems too of shrunk in size through time.

species P. Leo ( P. Atrox is the american vorieaty and considered a seperate species.) the Lion.

species P. Tigris
the Tiger. (perhaps 1.5 MA ago)
includes= Javan - male may weigh upto 140 kg, Bangal - male may weigh upto 260 kg, and Siberian - male may weigh upto 280 kg and have been recorded upto 384kgs.

species P. Pardus
the Leopard.

species P. Unica
the Snow Leopard
males weight upto 75kg. Some physical sign show that the Unica may be closer affinty with the cheetah. Some feel the Unica should be in it's own genus.

genus Felis
the Feline. The only species of larger cat usually placed in the genus Felis is the F. Concolor (cougar) there have been suggestions that it should be reclassified and placed in it's own separate genus as Puma Concolor. It has been suggested that it may bare closer relationship to the cheetah and to the american cheetah - like cats placed in the genus Miracinonyx. Studies of the bio molecular structure of the puma have indeed suggested that it's closest living relative may be the cheetah with the split occurring some time after 3.5 ma ago.

genus Acinonyx
the Cheetah. with the species= A. Jubatus (cheetah), A. Pardinensis (european cheetah, was larger then the modern cheetah. around 60 kg)

genus Miracinonyx
with the species= M. inexpectatus ( close to the cougar size) and M. Trumani in north america and much is unclear on these 2.

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Note: Colored art is done by F. Clark Howell from the book 'The big cats and their fossil relatives' written by Alan Turner. If you are interesting in studing more about the ancient big cats then this is the 'only' book that you must own.