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Sub Families of the Pseudaelurus

The Tribe Smilodontini

This Tribe includes:

genera Paramachairodus with these species. P. Ogygia, P. Orientalis

with these species.


genera Smilodon (last of them becomming extinct about 10,000 years ago) with these species. S. Gracilis (earliest and smallist of the smilodon), S. Populator (largest, lion sized about 120 cm), S. Fatalis (about 100cm)

S. Populator and S. Fatalis

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Note: Colored art is done by F. Clark Howell from the book 'The big cats and their fossil relatives' written by Alan Turner. If you are interesting in studing more about the ancient big cats then this is the 'only' book that you must own.