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Ancient cat line up

Sub Families of the Pseudaelurus

The Sabor-toothed Machairodontinae
[ Paramachairodus is from the tribe Metailurini and Machairodus is from the tribe Homotheriini .]

Includes Tribe Metailurini Tribe Homotheriini Tribe Smilodontini and Tribe Felinae

We will start with Tribe Metailurini

This is a very confusing and desputable line. Mostly of Eurasian distribution.
This Tribe includes:

genera Pontosmilus with these species. P. Ogygius, P. Hungaricus, P. Schlosseri, and P. Indicus.

genera Adelphailurus, a puma sized fossil fragments are found. They had extra upper teeth. With species A. Kansensis (from North America)

genera Paramachairodus. There are disputes about this genera belonging to this tribe.

genera Metailurus species M. Major

genera Stenailurus has extra upper teeth.

genera Dinofelis are all extinct in this line. Often referred to as "false" Sabor-tooth. Their dental morphology falls to some extent between that of the true sabor-tooths and the living species. Having rather short, flat canines. Their size is between a lion and a leopard.
species D. Therailurus are considered belonging to Dinofelis
also the little known Felis Cristata are placed in this genus.
D. Abeli (china)
D. Diastemata (europe)
D. Paleoonca (north america)
D. barlow (africa)
D. Piveteaui (south africa)

NEXT= Tribe Homotheriini
Tribe Smilodontini
Tribe Felini
Cat History Chart

Note: Colored art is done by F. Clark Howell from the book 'The big cats and their fossil relatives' written by Alan Turner. If you are interesting in studing more about the ancient big cats then this is the 'only' book that you must own.