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All breeds of domestic cats are the result of man's selective breeding over the years, and all are believed to descend from the African Wildcat. Earliest evidence of domesticated cats dates about 6000 years ago. While the dogs where domesticated 12,000 years ago. Ancient people found that when storing grains and food, having cats around kept the mice away.

We have admired and even worshipped the cat for 4,000 years and the Top pet in the US is the Cat. Out numbering the dog.

Wild cats are in danger. Poachers hunt them for their fur and body parts, human encrouchment on their habitat, in-breeding, deforestation and lack of prey all contribute to their quick decline. Of all the cats, only the domestic cat is thriving. You can help by sharing their beauty and life with friends and relatives, teach your children to love and care more about them.

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