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Star Trek fans like cats because ...

Funny how cat people are often trekkies too. Wonder what it is? I know the answer!!!

Trek fans like cats because cats have lots in common with Captain Kirk. See if you agree...

They do as they please.

They make a mistake, and by sheer luck they land on their feet. The next comment from them? "I planned it that way...".

They conveniently "forget" the big rule when it suits them.

Major egoists.

Uncontrollable when they go into heat (well, maybe that is closer to spock?), and will breed all over the universe if left unchecked.

They can reach warp speeds (though they can do it from a cold start, whereas the enterprise needs a few minutes to warm up!).

Always sitting in the "command" seat (i.e. the seat you want to sit in).

Make us play the role of Spock when they spot the "thing" on the wall -- "Captain, I can not see what you are looking at and cannot understand why it fascinates you. It is highly illogical".

Make us play the role of Dr. McCoy when they pounce and "kill" their favorite toy: "It's dead, Jim".

They take highly risky chances just because they can.

Don't you agree this sounds exactly like Kirk?

by Kim Bulback.. to her home page