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Does your cat own you?

See how many yes answers apply to you.

Do you select your friends based on how well your cats like them?

Does your desire to collect cats intensify during times of stress?

Do you buy more than 50 pounds of cat litter a month?

Do you think it's cute when your cat swings on your drapes or licks your butter?

Do you admit to non-cat owners how many cats you really have?

Do you sleep in the same position all night because it annoys your cats when you move?

Do you kiss your cat on the whiskers?

Do you feed your cat tidbits from the table with your fork?

Does your cat sleep on your head?

Do you like it?

Do you have more than four opened but rejected cans of cat food in the refrigerator?

Do you watch bad TV because the cat is sleeping on the remote?

Will you stand at the open door indefinitely in the freezing rain while your cat sniffs the door, deciding whether to go out or come in?

Would you rather spend a night at home with your cat than go out on a bad date?

Do you give your cat presents and a stocking at Christmas?

Do you put off making the bed until the cat gets up? Exchang