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Upbringing is at the most critical time for successful socialization and good behavior during the first 3 months. Good interaction and gentle handeling, kind words and soft teaching, proper food and plenty of fresh water are all the ingredients to a wonderful loving cat. Regular introduction to household appliances, being held and gentle play as a kitten is more likely to enjoy affection and handling as an adult.

Communication is very important. Knowing what your cat is feeling will help in a better relationship. The eyes say a lot about a cat's mood. The pupils will change size in respons of it's surroundings, due to light or reactions to situations. Watch your cat's eyes the next time you give it a treat. Upon seeing the treat the pupils will probably expand dramatically. They will also enlarge when they see something frightening or threatoning. A quick change in the size of the pupils could indicate either a strong positive or negative emotion, and one must therefore interpret the signal in context. To learn a little more on expressions.

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