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Genes = Felis Caracal (FEE-lis ka-ra-KALL)
caracal Caracal
Other names= African Caracal, Asian Caracal, African Lynx, Persian Lynx, Caracal Lynx or Desert lynx
C.c. caracal or sudan (S. Africa)
C.c. algira (N. Africa)
C.c. damarensis (Namibia)
C.c. limpopoensis (Botswana)
C.c. lucani (Gabon)
C.c. nubicus (Suidan and Ethiopia)
C.c. poecilictis (Nigeria)
C.c. michaelis (Turkenia)
C.c. schmitzi (Arabia to India)

Weight= 35-50 pounds
Length= 29 inches
Tail= 9 inches
Status= Secure
Habitat= deserts, scrub, savannahs.
Behavior= hunts by night, from the ground.
Diet= small animals, birds of all sizes, and the young of the grazing animals.

Location= Africa, Arabia, southern Asia, and India.

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