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Lynx rufus
L.r. baileyi (S. W. US States)
L.r. californicus (California, Nevada)
L.r. escuinapae (Central Mexico)
L.r. fasciatus (British Columbia)
L.r. floridanus (S.E. US States)
L.r. gigas (Maine)
L.r. pallescens (Rocky Mountains)
L.r. rufus (N.E. and Central US)
L.r. superiornses (N. Central US)
L.r. texansis (Texas, Northern Mexico)

Location= western North America- British Columbia down to central Mexico

Weight= 15-35 pounds
Length= 30 inches
Tail= 6 inches

Habitat= most terrain, short of actual desert
Status= Hunted
Behavior= hunts by night, from the ground or trees.
Diet= rabbits, gophers, and other small animals.

lifespan= 12 years
litter= average 3 kittens